sundays are not for working.


yet here i am, at the office.  i’m waiting for 35 copies of this book for this presentation for this potential project i can’t name to print.  yes, you read that right.  t h i r t y – f i v e   c o p i e s.


once i get about ten, i’ll head downstairs to bind them while the rest print.  i think staggering like that will be a good idea.  thank goodness they’re not big.

notes for timing:

  • i arrived at the office at 3:30pm.
  • i started printing at 8:30pm

let’s see what time i finish.  any bets?


2 Responses to “sundays are not for working.”

  1. 1 SteveB

    BOO to working late — hopefully you were home by midnight!

  2. yeah, i got out around 10:30pm. last one to leave the office. monday and tuesday found me at the office until 9ish, too. i’m so glad this week is just about over.

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