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My first semester as a graduate student is complete. Holy moly and little fishes, it’s complete! It’s hard to imagine almost, remembering how I’d sit around all day long – when I wasn’t in class – reading article after article for class, falling asleep while reading said articles, and writing papers every week on what […]

While this mess has since been cleaned up (mostly) and the paper handed in (I got an A-), it pretty well illustrates how my semester has been (and continues to be). Right now I’m waiting for 162 RAW files to process to place into a time-lapse of contra dancing. I hope it works. I’ve never […]

I’m heading out next week to cover the APME 2009 conference in St. Louis as a volunteer through school. Yes, that’s the Associated Press Managing Editors – and the Associated Press Picture Managers (APPM) sessions will be covered as well. In the last few days, I’ve set up the flickr account and the flickr pool, […]

I promise, blog readers – I’m not neglecting you. This last week was full of extra work to get ready for my adventure with the Missouri Photo Workshop. I’ll catch up on my outtake from class assignment #2 and my CPOY entry once I get a chance. Until then, on to MPW! (This is an […]

hi friends. it’s been a while since i’ve updated for real. apologies, big apologies. anyways, i just wanted to share that i’ll be covering the National Spelling Bee for an awesome group of 22 kids from all over Canada. if i can get a hold of the links of where my photos will appear (they’re […]

i’m the latest victim of the economy. yes, it’s true. i’ve been laid off. actually, this is a blessing in disguise. no longer do i need to worry about the “but i have a job in a bad economy already, why would i leave it?” factor in the grad school decision. it’s full speed ahead […]

yet here i am, at the office.  i’m waiting for 35 copies of this book for this presentation for this potential project i can’t name to print.  yes, you read that right.  t h i r t y – f i v e   c o p i e s. ugh. once i get about ten, […]