where packing = procrastinating.


you all know i’ve been waiting for this trip to missouri for a while.

now that it’s almost here, i’m finding myself at a loss.  what to wear?  what to bring?  will it rain?  will it be hot?  or cold?  will i really need the big lens?  or my laptop?  what will my story be?

the only one i can’t answer at all is the last.  i have no idea where to begin for my story.  i’ve done research, read about the town, and i’m at a complete loss.  at least i have our test card assignment – meet five people, get their names, and take their portrait.  it’ll get me back in the groove, hopefully.  my good lens is STILL at Nikon getting fixed, so i’ve got to work with my old lens until i can borrow one from Nikon’s representative.  i hope it works like the last workshop, where i can borrow one lens as a main lens for the week.

i should be packing, but now that i have off from work at 12, i’m less pressured.  still, i’m nervous and can’t sleep . . .  so i guess i should get back to it.

not that i’ve been posting much lately, but i may be absent for a little while.  i’ll try to update with my iPhone as much as possible while i’m out . . . and hopfully i’ll get a few minutes to sit and write about what i’m going through at the workshop.  it starts Sunday.  until then, i’ll be galavanting around St. Louis with Becky.

12 hours until official start of vacation and counting . . . .


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