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hi friends. it’s been a while since i’ve updated for real. apologies, big apologies. anyways, i just wanted to share that i’ll be covering the National Spelling Bee for an awesome group of 22 kids from all over Canada. if i can get a hold of the links of where my photos will appear (they’re […]

thanks, amanda!

yet here i am, at the office.  i’m waiting for 35 copies of this book for this presentation for this potential project i can’t name to print.  yes, you read that right.  t h i r t y – f i v e   c o p i e s. ugh. once i get about ten, […]

i had my first review at work today. yes, i’m 27 years old and i’ve never had a real performance review before. i had ‘talks’ at my old job in New York, but that was because i was drowning and they kept trying to bail me out with hopes i’d learn to swim. (let’s just […]