random thoughts.

  • i went to see a movie tonight with my friend-sorority-sister-former-roommate theresa (from now on, referenced as ‘tre’) on a whim. we saw “wanted,” and it was quite fun. i’d even go as far as to say it was really good. i do the whole ‘suspension of disbelief’ pretty well, and so i may be a little more forgiving than others. but my theory on a good movie is ‘if it’s fun, and i leave talking about parts of the movie, it rates as good.’
  • on a related note, i am SO EXCITED for the new Batman movie. i think Christian Bale as Batman is one of the best decisions the franchise has made in years. nothing beats the original Michael Keaton movie, but Batman Begins was close. and i’m really happy they got rid of whatsherface . . . oh, Katie Holmes. she just seemed too young or something for that role. the new girl will be worlds better, and i don’t even know who she is.
  • i’m having mixed feelings about how fast this workshop thing is going. i applied on wednesday to the Mountain Workshops and got in on thursday. i should be elated, but i’m trying to apply for the other one as well, the Missouri Photo Workshop, and now i just feel rushed and guilty. i also have this horrible feeling that the Mountain Workshops will interfere with aaron’s schedule. i hope i’m wrong.
  • and on a related note. i feel like i’m being selfish, wanting to go on these workshops when he may be in port, even though i made the decision to go well before we had any idea about his upcoming schedule. shouldn’t i be dropping everything to go see him? what if we think it happens one weekend, and it ends up changing to a week of a workshop? am i supposed to pick up and go at that point? i can’t tell what would make me feel worse, which is just making me feel crappy all over.
  • i have parties the rest of the weekend. i’m quite excited for them. i should go to bed so i can get started on the festivities. starting with a haircut.

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