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good morning friends! last i left you, i was musing about getting my story approved in Missouri.  i suppose i should back up and tell the whole story.  hmm . . . where to begin. let’s start at the first weekend, just after i posted that photo of the airplane. my first destination was Becky’s […]

and we wait.


i wish i could take a photo of the scene here in the community center out here in St. James, Missouri (or ‘Missura’, as the locals say).  i’m sitting in a sea of folding metal chairs, chairs i’ll be spending most of the night in as well.   i should be reviewing my story idea […]

Da plane, boss!


I’m on my way to Missouri! First stop, St. Louis.

you all know i’ve been waiting for this trip to missouri for a while. now that it’s almost here, i’m finding myself at a loss.  what to wear?  what to bring?  will it rain?  will it be hot?  or cold?  will i really need the big lens?  or my laptop?  what will my story be? […]

there’s still a ton of logistics to figure out – flights, rental car, hotel, coordinating with Becky so i get to see her at least a little bit while i’m in her general area – but i’m beside myself excited. i really wasn’t sure if i’d get in or not. (don’t you go making a […]



i just spoke with someone at the Missouri Photo Workshop.  tomorrow should be the day applicants find out if they’re accepted or not to this year’s program. please, let me be one of the lucky ones. i really need this right now.

i’m sure you’ve been wondering what i’ve been working on so late these last few weeks.  well, here.  have a taste. i don’t know why, but it won’t let me make this image any bigger.  can you, as outside readers, click on it and make it bigger? anyways, this is the first page of my […]

i went to see a movie tonight with my friend-sorority-sister-former-roommate theresa (from now on, referenced as ‘tre’) on a whim. we saw “wanted,” and it was quite fun. i’d even go as far as to say it was really good. i do the whole ‘suspension of disbelief’ pretty well, and so i may be a […]

especially since i totally slept through my alarm this morning. ::eek:: i just wanted to mention that i finished not one, but two projects tonight.  i love finishing projects, especially photography projects.  aaron’s calendar days are going to be the BEST on the boat.  and my portfolio is edited and ready, along with my resume, […]