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Today, I almost threw my cable modem, wireless router, TiVo, and digital cable box out my sliding glass door. Almost. As I’m sure you now can tell, I’m a tad bit frustrated. The move here went well, and even getting all our items from the truck into the house went smoothly. But then I spent […]

As many of you readers know – if you’re still out there – I’m heading off for a new adventure (teehee) in just two weeks. “I’m moving to Missouri” is not something I thought I’d ever hear come out of my mouth.  But as the last year went on, and graduate school popped up on […]



I’m sitting in a local restaurant, Willow, waiting for my friends to arrive. I had an interesting thought today while walking to my house from the metro. Well, maybe not interesting, but a thought. The weather is perfectly warm with a cool breeze. I love walking in weather like this. I had been reading a […]

what an incredible olympics.  i’ve been watching Jonathan Newton’s blog on the Washington Post’s website, and i agree with him.  this image is the ultimate. After winning his eighth gold medal of the Beijing Games, Michael Phelps climbed into the photographers’ pit to get to his mom and sisters for a true moment. I didn’t […]

“if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” right? i’ve taken that to heart over the last few days, and waited until i felt better before writing.  aaron’s impending departure is emotionally trying, to say the least. nothing much to report on today . . . busy day, lots accomplished […]

meme: the first


i’ve been blogging [in some form or another] for over eight years, and i still never tire of the occasional meme. 1. What was I doing 10 years ago that would be july 21, 1998 . . . well, i was between my junior and senior years in high school. this was the summer i […]

i failed. i knew this would happen, with a long journey, a late arrival, a crazy amount of work to do, and no wi-fi available on the train.  i just couldn’t fit in a blog post yesterday. so now, what do i do? start counting over?  cheat and blog twice in one day?  i’ve been successful […]

when i was little, my mom or dad would take me with them to the supermarket. i’d oogle at all the pretty vegetables, poke the fruit to see if it was ripe, and even get to pick out my own cereal (within reason, of course). but, the most eye catching part of the trip was […]

“why is erin writing these pointless posts at odd hours in the night?” see, i’m doing this thing,  this “101 things in 1001 days” thing.  i know, i know.  i always have something to do.  but this list is a productive list, with a long timeframe.  [october 1, 2010] there are a few things i […]

i wanted to go to bed early.  and what am i doing? uploading photos to flickr for project365. did i put away my laundry?  no. did i clean my room?  or bathroom?  no. did i talk to aaron?  yes! yes, it’s true.  he’s back from being out to sea for about two weeks.  we’ve got […]