new haircut: mullet or super cute?

the last haircut before january.

the last haircut before january.

well, it’s not what i wanted or asked for.  but i need a verdict before i let myself get upset. . . do we like the haircut?   does it look like i have bangs?  or a mullet?  i can’t tell, since it’s so different from what i had in mind.
if i do like it, i may go back to the same girl at the solarus salon in courthouse.  especially with curly hair, being a repeat customer helps, since the stylist can learn what your curls will respond to and what will make them go nuts.  she probably didn’t realize that my hair is actually super curly in spots, since i went in with half-straight slept-on hair.  oh well.
now that i look at it a little more, i think it might be cute.

6 Responses to “new haircut: mullet or super cute?”

  1. it’s totally cute, perfect for summertime. YAY!

    OOF I am so tired, we went to the City of Alexandria’s birthday party this evening. So fun. So tired.

  2. Super cute. Definitely.

  3. 3 Erin

    SUPER SUPER SUPER cute! I have curls, too, but mine NEVER look this good. I may need to pick your brain about what type of stuff you use on it. (And if it’s just that naturally curly gorgeousness without anything in it – ew, hate you!) ;)

  4. well, the verdicts are in.

    haircut is most definitely super cute. yay!

    thanks to all who helped me make my decision. the reassurance is most appreciated. :)

  5. 5 SteveB

    The answer is: definitely cute. The other option is out of the question.

  1. 1 Another haircut. « the new adventures of erin*carly

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