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I don’t know why I’m procrastinating so much today. Maybe it’s the 32 hours + of gloom and rain we’ve had here. (Although I believe it has stopped raining now, it’s still pretty gloomy.) Or perhaps it’s because I’m in the middle of reading an article for my Mass Media Seminar class that’s so over […]

I’m on the breaking news desk right now, and will be here until 3pm. So far, we only had a police media release come in. Fingers crossed it stays quiet until the end of my shift, as I’m going to be out all night at a football jamboree. Here’s my take on the release story, […]

I find it rather amazing that a group of thirty people can be given the same set of information, the same parameters, and manage to write thirty different stories without anyone writing exactly the same words. Boot camp is going well. Last night, I stayed up until 2am with my homework assignment partner, Kristen, while […]

As many of you readers know – if you’re still out there – I’m heading off for a new adventure (teehee) in just two weeks. “I’m moving to Missouri” is not something I thought I’d ever hear come out of my mouth.  But as the last year went on, and graduate school popped up on […]

even in the wake of a tragic event, there’s room for some beautiful moments. here’s one from the Washington Post.

“you may not remember me tomorrow, but i will remember you for a lifetime.” – me, after Sam Abell’s lecture about his new book, ‘Life of a Photograph.’ **** i know that it’s unfounded i know that it’s wrong but it’s so familiar. **** that is all.

when i was little, my mom or dad would take me with them to the supermarket. i’d oogle at all the pretty vegetables, poke the fruit to see if it was ripe, and even get to pick out my own cereal (within reason, of course). but, the most eye catching part of the trip was […]