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even in the wake of a tragic event, there’s room for some beautiful moments. here’s one from the Washington Post. Advertisements

All around town in Washington, DC yesterday, the news was a-buzz . . . No newspapers left! The Washington Post sold out by 9am (according to reports), and even their 250,000 run commemorative edition released in the afternoon sold out, too. People were lining up all over town to get their hands on one of […]

i found this today, and plan on keeping up-to-date with the stories produced. Hard Times:  Travis Fox crosses the country to see how Americans are coping with the economic downturn. while in Missouri (more posts to come on the trip, i promise), i thought about how weird it was that hardly anyone was talking about […]

what an incredible olympics.  i’ve been watching Jonathan Newton’s blog on the Washington Post’s website, and i agree with him.  this image is the ultimate. After winning his eighth gold medal of the Beijing Games, Michael Phelps climbed into the photographers’ pit to get to his mom and sisters for a true moment. I didn’t […]