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My first semester as a graduate student is complete. Holy moly and little fishes, it’s complete! It’s hard to imagine almost, remembering how I’d sit around all day long – when I wasn’t in class – reading article after article for class, falling asleep while reading said articles, and writing papers every week on what […]

i love trains.


just posted a new set on Flickr of an inspired experiment. check it out.

good morning friends! last i left you, i was musing about getting my story approved in Missouri.  i suppose i should back up and tell the whole story.  hmm . . . where to begin. let’s start at the first weekend, just after i posted that photo of the airplane. my first destination was Becky’s […]

three years ago, Katrina devastated the New Orleans region through shear force and lack of being prepared. now, these battered and bruised neighborhoods are under a major threat again, from Hurricane Gustav.  as of about 2:15pm today, it’s listed as a category 3 storm, but still has a chance of increasing in strength before hitting […]