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I love twitter.


From across the room: (For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter’s format, read from the bottom up.) Advertisements

A few days off from writing were in order after finishing up that boot camp class. Wow, what an intense two weeks. I feel like I’ve learned a ridiculous amount about working in the newsroom . . . and sadly, I won’t be back there for some time. But that’s okay. There’s other adventures to […]

I let the best get to me today, and I totally missed out on a good opportunity for a story tonight. I should have called earlier in the day to talk with a PR person, but I got sidetracked on another story I’m working on and it totally slipped my mind. By the time I […]

Well, this is a rare occasion. One of Scott’s cats, Roxy, has taken up a comfy spot on my lap. Sadly, they can’t come with us to Missouri.  I think that I may miss them more than Scott – although it’s probably because he’s the one who cleans the litterbox.  Roxy and Sebastian will be […]