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I came home at 10pm tonight from volunteering at the CPOY judging going on all week at school. During that eight hour shift, I saw some really bad photos and some mind-blowing amazing photos. Take a look at the winning photos from sports portfolio [screencast only for now] and portraits, and if you really want […]

i wanted to go to bed early.  and what am i doing? uploading photos to flickr for project365. did i put away my laundry?  no. did i clean my room?  or bathroom?  no. did i talk to aaron?  yes! yes, it’s true.  he’s back from being out to sea for about two weeks.  we’ve got […]

as you may or may not know, i’m currently working on a photography project – project365 :: year two. yes, you read that link right. this is year two – i completed year one in january. you’d think i’d get tired of it, but actually, i got a little worried about *not* documenting every day. […]