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I came home at 10pm tonight from volunteering at the CPOY judging going on all week at school. During that eight hour shift, I saw some really bad photos and some mind-blowing amazing photos. Take a look at the winning photos from sports portfolio [screencast only for now] and portraits, and if you really want […]

Last week seems like a blur. One minute I was running around my apartment making sure I had A. enough clothes and B. all my photography equipment while trying to finish up a Fundamentals project, go to class, attend meetings and apply for next semester assistanships. [more on the Fundamentals project later.] Then I found […]

Grad school is slowly turning my brain into mush and re-organizing the compartments where the goo gets stored for easier access to the newly important information. Or so it feels. For my latest Fundamentals of Photojournalism project, I’ve been feeling a bit apprehensive about shooting. Not necessarily the act of taking photos, but in finding […]

i can do this.   that is all.

this morning, i got my second “sure!” for the grad school letters of recommendation.  i had previously been reconsidering the idea of staying in town, keeping my job, and schooling at night (at Georgetown).  why the change of heart?  first, the economy is scaring the crap out of me.  i’ve got a well-paying job right […]

my family and i went to the Newseum today Saturday.  [note: those people are not my family, just strangers.] well, okay. i told my family we NEEDED to go. thankfully, it proved to be just as great as i had heard, and everyone had a lovely time. also, i got full [emotional] support from my […]

three years ago, Katrina devastated the New Orleans region through shear force and lack of being prepared. now, these battered and bruised neighborhoods are under a major threat again, from Hurricane Gustav.  as of about 2:15pm today, it’s listed as a category 3 storm, but still has a chance of increasing in strength before hitting […]

there’s still a ton of logistics to figure out – flights, rental car, hotel, coordinating with Becky so i get to see her at least a little bit while i’m in her general area – but i’m beside myself excited. i really wasn’t sure if i’d get in or not. (don’t you go making a […]

6am.  The fire engines sound like they’re inside my house.  I opened my eyes to see the house across the street from me billowing with smoke, firemen running around with ladders and hoses.   My first thought?  ‘A fire!  I must get down there now.’  I grabbed my camera, took a few shots from my window, […]