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I wanted to try and update every few days, but life got in the way as usual. Packing is going well, almost done in both my and Scott’s apartments.  Now we’re trying to figure out the logistics of how to get everything into the truck before we actually have the truck.  Pre-planning will hopefully save […]

my friend scott and i just had a hilarious conversation about Obama and Biden arriving in DC for the Inauguration by train. Scott: i like when they dig up random old photos i also really dig the story. i caught in on the wapost this morning me: me too. i’m exicted about it. i love […]

thank you.


i could have written so many more words, but the one thing that kept coming to mind was “thank you.” in the Washington Post today, they had a section in ‘opinions’ that consisted of things that people – pundits, politicians, executives, military, and even a comedy writer – thought should be Obama’s first course of […]

All around town in Washington, DC yesterday, the news was a-buzz . . . No newspapers left! The Washington Post sold out by 9am (according to reports), and even their 250,000 run commemorative edition released in the afternoon sold out, too. People were lining up all over town to get their hands on one of […]

Obama wins!!!!!


Yes we can!!! (photo of us cheering Virginia going blue, moments before the official announcement of Obama passing 270 votes.)

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I just got home from the Obama rally in manassas. Many many photos are on their way. Until then, here’s one as proof.

i, like millions of americans tonight, just watched a speech that some analysts are calling “a political masterpiece” (as stated on CNN’s broadcast).  not only was it moving, powerful, and poignant, but it was full of hope – hope for the future, hope for the United States, and hope for each and every American. Barack […]

my heroes:


Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama. *** i am the least political Washingtonian around. i’ve never wanted to follow politics, nor have i ever wanted to work in it. how i ended up in the most political of towns, i’ll never know. (actually, i do know – thanks, theresa.) but tonight, i watched two of the […]