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My good long-distance friend Steve sent me this card today, and I found it too funny not to share: Thanks, Steve. Actually, I’m a lot less worried about making friends than just getting this move going.  The program is a two-year standard grad program, so half the kids I’ll be working with are new like […]

I wanted to try and update every few days, but life got in the way as usual. Packing is going well, almost done in both my and Scott’s apartments.  Now we’re trying to figure out the logistics of how to get everything into the truck before we actually have the truck.  Pre-planning will hopefully save […]

Ah, the quintessential event of any big move – the garage sale. My roommate, Amy, is fantastic at this sort of thing and arranged the whole sale.  (Even down to “renting” our neighbors parking spot for the morning.  Payment?  A case or two of beer.)  All I had to do was show up on Saturday […]

Well, this is a rare occasion. One of Scott’s cats, Roxy, has taken up a comfy spot on my lap. Sadly, they can’t come with us to Missouri.  I think that I may miss them more than Scott – although it’s probably because he’s the one who cleans the litterbox.  Roxy and Sebastian will be […]

The move is coming soon.  Big changes are on the horizon. Right now, I’m dealing with the emotional part of leaving.  Over the 4th of July weekend, I got to visit not only my family, but Scott’s family as well.  And this past weekend, I managed to make it to four parties – one thrown […]