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A few days off from writing were in order after finishing up that boot camp class. Wow, what an intense two weeks. I feel like I’ve learned a ridiculous amount about working in the newsroom . . . and sadly, I won’t be back there for some time. But that’s okay. There’s other adventures to […]

Quick update here, since Scott is busy putting together a chair. (Yes, he’s here. More to come on that later.) In the last post, I mentioned some video and audio work. Posted today and linked here for everyone’s viewing pleasure is the multimedia piece Jarrad put together for the website. He did the editing and […]

I find it rather amazing that a group of thirty people can be given the same set of information, the same parameters, and manage to write thirty different stories without anyone writing exactly the same words. Boot camp is going well. Last night, I stayed up until 2am with my homework assignment partner, Kristen, while […]

My first day of ‘boot camp’ started out a bit rocky, due to a parking fiasco and torrential downpour as I was walking into the building. However, once that past, the rest of the day went swimmingly. We did lots of introductions, sat in on a budget meeting, and then had a pretty decent discussion […]

I don’t remember when I signed up for this service, but I receive an email every day called “My Daily Forecast” from No, I’m not a palm-reading, tarot-spreading, astrologically inclined person. (Or at least, anymore.) But I do enjoy reading my horoscope and seeing how close or how completely wrong it can be. Over […]

Well, this is a rare occasion. One of Scott’s cats, Roxy, has taken up a comfy spot on my lap. Sadly, they can’t come with us to Missouri.  I think that I may miss them more than Scott – although it’s probably because he’s the one who cleans the litterbox.  Roxy and Sebastian will be […]

[sorry, no photos yet.] i’ve now been accepted to all three schools – Missouri, Boston, and as of today via email, Ohio. i rock! also, Ohio’s offered a guaranteed assistantship for the first year, and most likely for the third of five total quarters. (that’s the max they offer.) time to get on the assistantship […]

yes. i just heard, via email. i’ve been accepted into University of Missouri’s School of Journalism for photojournalism. wow. now to stalk the mailbox for ohio’s decision, and researching whether or not this will work. yikes. wow. wow.

good morning friends! last i left you, i was musing about getting my story approved in Missouri.  i suppose i should back up and tell the whole story.  hmm . . . where to begin. let’s start at the first weekend, just after i posted that photo of the airplane. my first destination was Becky’s […]