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Last week seems like a blur. One minute I was running around my apartment making sure I had A. enough clothes and B. all my photography equipment while trying to finish up a Fundamentals project, go to class, attend meetings and apply for next semester assistanships. [more on the Fundamentals project later.] Then I found […]

An article about the just-discovered death of DJ AM (as I found out about on Twitter and then did a Google news search on him) on NBC New York’s site brought this to my attention. Looks like NBC New York is starting to rate their articles by mood and then update their logo with recent […]

I don’t remember when I signed up for this service, but I receive an email every day called “My Daily Forecast” from No, I’m not a palm-reading, tarot-spreading, astrologically inclined person. (Or at least, anymore.) But I do enjoy reading my horoscope and seeing how close or how completely wrong it can be. Over […]

even in the wake of a tragic event, there’s room for some beautiful moments. here’s one from the Washington Post.

All around town in Washington, DC yesterday, the news was a-buzz . . . No newspapers left! The Washington Post sold out by 9am (according to reports), and even their 250,000 run commemorative edition released in the afternoon sold out, too. People were lining up all over town to get their hands on one of […]

i found this today, and plan on keeping up-to-date with the stories produced. Hard Times:  Travis Fox crosses the country to see how Americans are coping with the economic downturn. while in Missouri (more posts to come on the trip, i promise), i thought about how weird it was that hardly anyone was talking about […]