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Hold your horses, everyone. Real updates about the trip to Missouri and my adventures in between are coming. My Internet is being wonky, and I haven’t had a chance to write during my other jaunts to wired places. So much to catch up on over the last few days. But I promise, lots of words […]

Someday, I hope this will be my office.

Such memories in this house with these girls. I’m thankful for all of it. And some things never change.

Scott is awesome. I love my birthday presents. :). (and yes, that’s a twin-lens!)

We are sitting in. This is awesome.

There’s a Sheetz on the way to Ohio University. Memories…

I love May Revels. And springtime!

Two of three


Now, this one I really can’t afford. Hah.

Cat nap


Roxy, while editing.