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Well, this is a rare occasion. One of Scott’s cats, Roxy, has taken up a comfy spot on my lap. Sadly, they can’t come with us to Missouri.  I think that I may miss them more than Scott – although it’s probably because he’s the one who cleans the litterbox.  Roxy and Sebastian will be […]

no, really.  it’s been running ridiculously hot in the last … well, i don’t know how long, but i’m just recently noticing.  anyone else have that problem?  the fan’s not kicking on, and it’s behaving otherwise normal, so i can’t tell if it’s just because it is summer, or if there’s something wrong. again, i […]

especially since i totally slept through my alarm this morning. ::eek:: i just wanted to mention that i finished not one, but two projects tonight.  i love finishing projects, especially photography projects.  aaron’s calendar days are going to be the BEST on the boat.  and my portfolio is edited and ready, along with my resume, […]