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i did it! now, to wait . . . also of note . . . FedEx changed their website interface completely in the last month.  i like the changes. (and technically, they’re not *all* in – i haven’t done Georgetown’s yet.  but these are the big three with official deadlines.  so there.) Advertisements

i can do this.   that is all.

this morning, i got my second “sure!” for the grad school letters of recommendation.  i had previously been reconsidering the idea of staying in town, keeping my job, and schooling at night (at Georgetown).  why the change of heart?  first, the economy is scaring the crap out of me.  i’ve got a well-paying job right […]

my family and i went to the Newseum today Saturday.  [note: those people are not my family, just strangers.] well, okay. i told my family we NEEDED to go. thankfully, it proved to be just as great as i had heard, and everyone had a lovely time. also, i got full [emotional] support from my […]