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thank you.


i could have written so many more words, but the one thing that kept coming to mind was “thank you.” in the Washington Post today, they had a section in ‘opinions’ that consisted of things that people – pundits, politicians, executives, military, and even a comedy writer – thought should be Obama’s first course of […]

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i, like millions of americans tonight, just watched a speech that some analysts are calling “a political masterpiece” (as stated on CNN’s broadcast).  not only was it moving, powerful, and poignant, but it was full of hope – hope for the future, hope for the United States, and hope for each and every American. Barack […]

my heroes:


Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama. *** i am the least political Washingtonian around. i’ve never wanted to follow politics, nor have i ever wanted to work in it. how i ended up in the most political of towns, i’ll never know. (actually, i do know – thanks, theresa.) but tonight, i watched two of the […]

on to november!


i made my donation [albeit small]. have you invested in our future?

i saw Barack Obama today, coming out of a fundraiser at the Mayflower Hotel.