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A perfect ten.


Congratulations to my former roommate, Holly, and her now-husband, Brian! If I were to ever have a wedding, I’d want it to be like Holly’s. Simple, beautiful, perfect. Not too hot (although it was pretty warm during the ceremony), not too wet (although a few raindrops fell at the end of the night), and full […]

things i love about summertime in DC (or really, just today): rooftop pools warm sun, a cool breeze, and low humidity* saturdays with fun things planned that take no stress to do 7:30pm and the sun is still shining bright the smell of sunblock and chlorine on my skin driving home on an empty highway […]

as you may or may not know, i’m currently working on a photography project – project365 :: year two. yes, you read that link right. this is year two – i completed year one in january. you’d think i’d get tired of it, but actually, i got a little worried about *not* documenting every day. […]