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you had called me on tuesday, right when i needed it. any earlier, and i would not have been able to answer the phone. i’m glad i found this interactive airplane (as part of a larger exhibit across the entire neighborhood) when i did, not long after your call. i can’t wait until you can […]



if you had one phone call left with a loved one before months would go by without hearing your voice, what would you want to tell them? what would you want them to hear? would you fill the time with mindless chatter, as though nothing were changing?  or would you fill it with age-old clichés […]

i wanted to go to bed early.  and what am i doing? uploading photos to flickr for project365. did i put away my laundry?  no. did i clean my room?  or bathroom?  no. did i talk to aaron?  yes! yes, it’s true.  he’s back from being out to sea for about two weeks.  we’ve got […]