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A few days off from writing were in order after finishing up that boot camp class. Wow, what an intense two weeks. I feel like I’ve learned a ridiculous amount about working in the newsroom . . . and sadly, I won’t be back there for some time. But that’s okay. There’s other adventures to […]

I let the best get to me today, and I totally missed out on a good opportunity for a story tonight. I should have called earlier in the day to talk with a PR person, but I got sidetracked on another story I’m working on and it totally slipped my mind. By the time I […]

I wanted to try and update every few days, but life got in the way as usual. Packing is going well, almost done in both my and Scott’s apartments.  Now we’re trying to figure out the logistics of how to get everything into the truck before we actually have the truck.  Pre-planning will hopefully save […]

even in the wake of a tragic event, there’s room for some beautiful moments. here’s one from the Washington Post.

was the internet even invented by Al Gore yet?

[sorry, no photos yet.] i’ve now been accepted to all three schools – Missouri, Boston, and as of today via email, Ohio. i rock! also, Ohio’s offered a guaranteed assistantship for the first year, and most likely for the third of five total quarters. (that’s the max they offer.) time to get on the assistantship […]

yes. i just heard, via email. i’ve been accepted into University of Missouri’s School of Journalism for photojournalism. wow. now to stalk the mailbox for ohio’s decision, and researching whether or not this will work. yikes. wow. wow.



i love chipotle.  i always get the same thing – vegetarian burrito, with the rice, black beans, tomatoes, guacamole, and cheese.  unlike most people though, i only eat half in one sitting.  it doesn’t look like a lot of food, but it’s pretty filling.  and it feels healthy enough – nothing fried, breaded, or greasy.  […]