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An article about the just-discovered death of DJ AM (as I found out about on Twitter and then did a Google news search on him) on NBC New York’s site brought this to my attention. Looks like NBC New York is starting to rate their articles by mood and then update their logo with recent […]

Ah, the quintessential event of any big move – the garage sale. My roommate, Amy, is fantastic at this sort of thing and arranged the whole sale.  (Even down to “renting” our neighbors parking spot for the morning.  Payment?  A case or two of beer.)  All I had to do was show up on Saturday […]

“Viva la libertad — A Friend”



The only things keeping me from seeing Bobby Flay front and center are a thin black curtain, about $85, and a security guard. But if I stand here, I can hear everything and see through a crack in the curtain. I don’t think the guard really cares.

I want this.


Found this among the newly put out Christmas items at CVS.

I’m in the car with my friend Scott, in some nasty nasty traffic. We are on our way to see the Obama rally, and less than a mile away… But still so far! It’s taking just as long to get into the venue as it took to get here from Arlington. We really haven’t gone […]

Material girl


Best. Party. Ever.

what an incredible olympics.  i’ve been watching Jonathan Newton’s blog on the Washington Post’s website, and i agree with him.  this image is the ultimate. After winning his eighth gold medal of the Beijing Games, Michael Phelps climbed into the photographers’ pit to get to his mom and sisters for a true moment. I didn’t […]

Greetings, world! This is the first post from my new iPhone. She needs a name. So far in the family, we have Penelope the MacBook, Olivia the iMac, and Annabelle the external hard drive. Any suggestions?