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After a long and studious week, my classmates and I went out to Cooper’s Landing to see our professor, John Schneller, play some folk music with his band. It was an awesome evening, with fantastic weather, great Thai food, fun music and good company. Advertisements

I love May Revels. And springtime!

here, have a wonderful blog post about the amazing Revels.  also, it goes to show that no matter where you are seeing the show, we’re all Reveling together. Cari Ferraro:  Why I Revel not sure what Revels is, or if there’s one nearby? check out our national list. and of course, if you’re in the […]

Great Big Sea


I’m here at the Great Big Sea concert, and it rocks!

i desperately should be sleeping, but i wanted an excuse to try inserting an image into a post. tonight, i went with miss s to see TOWWAS and her choir perform with the NSO in a staged concert production of Candide. look at that!  it’s a photo in my post!  spiffy, huh. anyways, back to […]