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A perfect ten.


Congratulations to my former roommate, Holly, and her now-husband, Brian! If I were to ever have a wedding, I’d want it to be like Holly’s. Simple, beautiful, perfect. Not too hot (although it was pretty warm during the ceremony), not too wet (although a few raindrops fell at the end of the night), and full […]

The move is coming soon.  Big changes are on the horizon. Right now, I’m dealing with the emotional part of leaving.  Over the 4th of July weekend, I got to visit not only my family, but Scott’s family as well.  And this past weekend, I managed to make it to four parties – one thrown […]

Such memories in this house with these girls. I’m thankful for all of it. And some things never change.

I love May Revels. And springtime!

Cat nap


Roxy, while editing.

mmm, cookies


Federal holiday + computer backups + baking = awesome day.

All dolled up.


Diane (and Phil the Boyfriend) are here! We are going to a wedding today. Don’t Diane and I look pretty?