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After many days and hours of trying to find the right theme, then tearing apart its CSS to make it look exactly how I wanted it with colors and fonts and such . . . I have moved my blog to my own server running WordPress! YAY! Update your bookmarks and RSS feeds to: […]

My first semester as a graduate student is complete. Holy moly and little fishes, it’s complete! It’s hard to imagine almost, remembering how I’d sit around all day long – when I wasn’t in class – reading article after article for class, falling asleep while reading said articles, and writing papers every week on what […]

Yeah, I think I fell behind a little on that Google Reader experiment I tried earlier in the month. Maybe I can get this cleared by the end of the week. Or maybe I’ll just hit ‘read all’ and start over. Anyone out there have good system of keeping track of their news reader on […]

I’ve decided that for professional reasons I will need to move my website (and possibly my blog) to a more capable server system than using my free hosting (that hasn’t been upgraded since ’02) and wordpress. Sorry guys. Anyways, I’ve gotten as far as setting up the new blog function at the new site […]

I came home at 10pm tonight from volunteering at the CPOY judging going on all week at school. During that eight hour shift, I saw some really bad photos and some mind-blowing amazing photos. Take a look at the winning photos from sports portfolio [screencast only for now] and portraits, and if you really want […]

(and hopefully both time-saving and informative) Val Hoeppner lead an APME session on free and cheap training and management materials available online, and I had the pleasure actually listening (instead of taking photos) to her discussion. I’ve yet to go through her entire list of goodies, but one that stuck out in my mind as […]

Last week seems like a blur. One minute I was running around my apartment making sure I had A. enough clothes and B. all my photography equipment while trying to finish up a Fundamentals project, go to class, attend meetings and apply for next semester assistanships. [more on the Fundamentals project later.] Then I found […]

I don’t know why I’m procrastinating so much today. Maybe it’s the 32 hours + of gloom and rain we’ve had here. (Although I believe it has stopped raining now, it’s still pretty gloomy.) Or perhaps it’s because I’m in the middle of reading an article for my Mass Media Seminar class that’s so over […]

Today, I almost threw my cable modem, wireless router, TiVo, and digital cable box out my sliding glass door. Almost. As I’m sure you now can tell, I’m a tad bit frustrated. The move here went well, and even getting all our items from the truck into the house went smoothly. But then I spent […]

Hold your horses, everyone. Real updates about the trip to Missouri and my adventures in between are coming. My Internet is being wonky, and I haven’t had a chance to write during my other jaunts to wired places. So much to catch up on over the last few days. But I promise, lots of words […]