A night of photos.


I came home at 10pm tonight from volunteering at the CPOY judging going on all week at school. During that eight hour shift, I saw some really bad photos and some mind-blowing amazing photos. Take a look at the winning photos from sports portfolio [screencast only for now] and portraits, and if you really want a good laugh, tune into the semi-final round of the portrait session to hear me read off the entire set of captions.

Anyways, it reminded me that I should post some fun photos from the last week or two. I do have assignment images done – somewhere – but I haven’t uploaded them yet. I’ll share those when I can actually think about writing something witty. My wit left the building hours ago.

day283 :: year three
The fall colors were spectacular this year. I hear it’s not a regular thing out here, so I feel pretty lucky.

day286 :: year three
Also spectacular were the sunsets in St. Louis during the APME conference. This view was the best part about the strange hotel.

day289 :: year three
Our next class assignment – sports. I can’t wait to showcase the good shots. I took over 1,100 frames between two sporting events, and ended up with quite a few winners. How the hell did I shoot sports for the paper so long ago on a D1/D1X with 512MB and 2GB cards?

day295 :: year three
Yes, I’m a jersey girl. I know my bagels. And we managed to find some in town that could vaguely pass as being a decent bagel. So we bought some. Okay, more than some. But hey, they were half off!

Enough of this non-witty banter. I need sleep, and I’m uninspired by my own photography today.


One Response to “A night of photos.”

  1. 1 SteveB

    Really good photos from the CPOY site — very cool. You’ll have to let us know if/when we can just browse them in a sideshow or something.

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