It only took three years.


I’m heading out next week to cover the APME 2009 conference in St. Louis as a volunteer through school. Yes, that’s the Associated Press Managing Editors – and the Associated Press Picture Managers (APPM) sessions will be covered as well.

In the last few days, I’ve set up the flickr account and the flickr pool, while other team members set up the twitter feed, facebook page and wordpress blog.

Yeah, we’re everywhere.

So, while setting up all these things for the coverage of this event, I realized – HEY! I’m covering the Associated Press. I’m going to be meeting all sorts of cool people.

… I have no business cards.

:: headdesk ::

My resume and letterhead have my newest [read: originally created three years ago] logo, font and colors. But I struggled with the business card for the longest time. So today, I sat down with my trusty copy of InDesign and channeled my inner graphic designer and started concepting. Here’s the final result, which will get printed at Kinkos sometime between now and Tuesday afternoon. (I’d rather get them done professionally, but I really only need a few, and I can’t afford the rush charges on getting them done with moo.


Spiffy, eh?

Someday, they’ll match my equally spiffy website . . . that currently exists only in my head and temporary files on my server.

Maybe I’ll update it over winter break. Maybe.


2 Responses to “It only took three years.”

  1. 1 SteveB

    Love it! I want one! I want one!!

  2. nice stuff. i’d look twice if i were handed that business card. whoop, whoop. so, how goes mizzou? are you happy with your decision? i think sometime we should compare notes/programs… i know it was a hard decision for me and guess that you were in the same boat. i’d like to hear your comments ;)

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