I’m not sure what NBC New York is trying to do.


An article about the just-discovered death of DJ AM (as I found out about on Twitter and then did a Google news search on him) on NBC New York’s site brought this to my attention.

Picture 14

Picture 13Picture 12

Picture 11

Looks like NBC New York is starting to rate their articles by mood and then update their logo with recent headlines.

Journalists and friends – what do we think of this? Is this a clever way to drive traffic to local news articles, or is this a sad testament to the downfall of local news stations? Or is it both?

I am undecided.

(However, the graphic designer in me loves the throwback font on the logo.)


2 Responses to “I’m not sure what NBC New York is trying to do.”

  1. It’s a freakin riff on Twitter, man. Total newspaper hand jive. Jabberwokky. Hip and cool and utterly useless. Sort of like so much of our media culture these days. Who needs fact? We have shock schlock value! YIPPEEE

    Can you tell this director of communications is tired of the death of media?

  2. 2 SteveB

    I agree with Solomother — this is all about the appearance of being hip. like NBC New York is a “friend” of ours. Dreadful what’s happened to actual news reporting these days.

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