Home sweet apartment


A few days off from writing were in order after finishing up that boot camp class. Wow, what an intense two weeks. I feel like I’ve learned a ridiculous amount about working in the newsroom . . . and sadly, I won’t be back there for some time. But that’s okay. There’s other adventures to be had in the meantime.

Another good reason for not writing in a few days – Scott has arrived!

I went to pick him up at the airport on Saturday, and it’s been crazy ever since. We’ve been getting settled into our apartment and traveling around town on bikes. (Okay, riding to class and back. But for me, that’s an adventure.) Cooking has not really commenced yet, but I hope to write about some of our creations soon. I’m getting tired of canned chili and lean cuisines for dinner.

(Another exaggeration – that chili is actually quite good. But I do hope to make some tasty dishes in our kitchen.)

I’ll be sure to take photos for a virtual tour once we finish getting everything ready and set where it belongs. Until then, here’s a photo of the housewarming cards from our respective parents, as hung on our corkboard / whiteboard panels next to the front door.

day221 :: year three


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