Well, it *was* a good day.


I let the best get to me today, and I totally missed out on a good opportunity for a story tonight. I should have called earlier in the day to talk with a PR person, but I got sidetracked on another story I’m working on and it totally slipped my mind. By the time I called, it was too late.

The same event is happening tomorrow morning, so I have a chance to redeem myself. I just have to make sure to get a chance to call the right person in between orientation sessions. Our journalism school orientation is tomorrow, but thankfully only until 10:30am. The [tentative] plan is to head over to the event after the orientation’s over. I don’t know if I can miss the budget meeting, but we’ll see. I would really like to get it right the second time around.

This whole thing today really put me in a funk. I made poor decisions, and have now spent 95% of my evening sitting on my couch. Granted, I played my guitar for an hour – which is something I have not done in a long time – but still, I’ve been sitting in the same damn spot all night.

There’s no other chair to sit in yet. It’s in pieces in the spare bedroom. I don’t know how to put it together. Only Scott knows.

day213 :: year three

While I was sitting here earlier, I took a look over at his bike in the corner. Sadness came again, thankfully not quite as bad as when I hung up his shirts. We realized yesterday that we’re just barely making it through these two weeks. There’s no way we could have done this long distance for two years.

At least I know we made the right decision in this move together.


4 Responses to “Well, it *was* a good day.”

  1. 1 Scott

    Aw yeah it’s been a very tough couple of weeks [plus]. We’re getting very close though!

  2. If it makes you feel better, I do stuff like that aaaallll the tiiiiime. You just have to give up beating yourself up over it. It always works out – you said it yourself, the same event is happening tomorrow morning. You let it slide, and it did not matter. (I find this is generally the case, which is good, because I am a big slacker.)

  3. Thanks, Helen. Your advice / words of ‘don’t worry!’ really help a lot. I’m still getting used to this. :) I ended up not being able to chase the story this morning either – we had a mandatory orientation that ran late. But my editor didn’t seem too worried about it. He’ll give the idea to one of the incoming reporting class students instead.

    On a good note, my tomato and pepper festival story idea is brightening up. The photo department wants to send a photographer with me tomorrow to possibly get some video and stills for a multimedia package. They thought it would be A. neat to cover this yearly even differently, and B. good since I’m a visuals person too and they think we’d do well reporting together. Rock on.

  4. I should also note, you only have to do that (and feel really crappy about it) a few times before the lesson sinks in. :) You ask yourself: would I like to make this one stupid phone call, or would I like to spend the next two days feeling crappy about myself? It gets easier.

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