Writing is amazing.

day209 :: year three

Which Wich, a yummy sandwich shop

I find it rather amazing that a group of thirty people can be given the same set of information, the same parameters, and manage to write thirty different stories without anyone writing exactly the same words.

Boot camp is going well. Last night, I stayed up until 2am with my homework assignment partner, Kristen, while we finished up our profile stories. We were to interview each other, and then write a creative profile, touching on a telling story. And we found it rather funny that two photo students ended up writing together. I love the story she wrote about me and the angle she took, and I happen to like the one I wrote about her, too. If it hadn’t been so late, I may have reworked the beginning, but I was cross-eyed.

Kind of how I feel now.

Tonight’s assignment was not quite as difficult as I thought originally. We had a “lunch work” assignment, which I managed to bomb. Writing news leads from a small set of information is really hard when A. you’ve never done it before, and B. well, you’re just clueless. But listening to what everyone else wrote helped me for tonight’s piece, and that makes me happy. I’m understanding the concepts, it’s just taking a little bit of practice.

I haven’t gotten any feedback yet on these writing bits, so I’m not linking to them yet. But after I hear if I got it or if I’m totally missing the point, I’ll see about putting up links for you to see.

Until then, I think I should get a bit more sleep. I think I’m rambling.

Yeah, sleep.


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