First day, just like high school. Or not.


My first day of ‘boot camp’ started out a bit rocky, due to a parking fiasco and torrential downpour as I was walking into the building. However, once that past, the rest of the day went swimmingly. We did lots of introductions, sat in on a budget meeting, and then had a pretty decent discussion of news topics, theories and skills “from 30,000 feet,” as Prof. Swafford said.

day207 :: year threeNot too shabby for a first day. Also, I just want to pat myself on the back for buckling down over the last two months and reading through the textbook for this class. I actually understood what we were talking about, and was able to use some ideas presented throughout it in our examples and discussions. Go me!

Now to take one last glance over my homework assignment and the chapters assigned for tomorrow. And maybe check the headlines at the Missourian, since it’s past deadline now (read: way past my bedtime).


Here I am, waiting for class to begin. Or at least, this is the view of my seat.

And my breakfast.


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