One order of do-over, coming right up.


Today, I almost threw my cable modem, wireless router, TiVo, and digital cable box out my sliding glass door.


As I’m sure you now can tell, I’m a tad bit frustrated. The move here went well, and even getting all our items from the truck into the house went smoothly. But then I spent a day and a half out in St. Louis, visiting Becky after dropping Scott off at the airport, and now I feel cramped, rushed, and discombobulated. Nothing is where it should be, and I’ve got two rooms – the dining room and spare bedroom – that are full of half-unpacked boxes.

Not to mention the photos that need editing and uploading from our trip.

And the blog posts I’ve been promising about our adventure.

I swear, I’m not slacking off. There’s just so much stuff to do around here, and so little time. Or at least, quality time. It’s a lot harder to be productive when your other half is 1,000 miles away, unable to help.  If Scott were here, it would take us one day to get everything set and on its way to being unpacked. But I can’t focus, and there’s so much to do . . .

I’m done whining for now. Here, enjoy some photos instead. I’ll see about not whining tomorrow.


A bathroom in a St. Louis coffeeshop. My addition was the Vonnegut, of course.

day203 :: year three

New and old plates.

day204 :: year three

Food shopping at night.


A monument to the campus mascot. This school really has a lot of spirit.


One Response to “One order of do-over, coming right up.”

  1. Deeeeeeep breath. You don’t have to get everything unpacked at once.

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