Adventures in garage sales (and other odds and ends)

These guys were rescued for my mom.  Really!

These guys were rescued for my Mom. Really!

Ah, the quintessential event of any big move – the garage sale.

My roommate, Amy, is fantastic at this sort of thing and arranged the whole sale.  (Even down to “renting” our neighbors parking spot for the morning.  Payment?  A case or two of beer.)  All I had to do was show up on Saturday morning with a box of items and be ready to watch people buy the most random items for dirt cheap.

The figurines pictured above were in a box of old things from Amy’s room.  She claims these were cake toppers from her 17th birthday party.  Yes, that’s about ten years ago.  But now they’ll have a new home [hopefully], atop my Mom’s computer.  I bought her a miniature AT-AT walker many years ago, and now she’ll have the characters to ride it.  Or along side it.


Packing is coming along slowly, but surely.  Scott counted the boxes packed so far, and we’ve hit 20 at my house alone.  Of course, some of these are smaller than others.  But still, it’s a lot of packing.  There’s still much to do, and my Mom and Grandma are coming to help tomorrow.  Big tasks with them include the kitchen items and random things in the living room.

That is, if we can find it all under the boxes.


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