ETD: 10 days and counting


Well, this is a rare occasion.

One of Scott’s cats, Roxy, has taken up a comfy spot on my lap.

me and Roxy, comfy on the couch.

me and Roxy, comfy on the couch.

Sadly, they can’t come with us to Missouri.  I think that I may miss them more than Scott – although it’s probably because he’s the one who cleans the litterbox.  Roxy and Sebastian will be going to live with their original owner, one of Scott’s old roommates.  She kind of just up and left them with him a while back, so I’m a little nervous.  But I’m sure they’ll be just fine.

:: tear ::

This move is probably the hardest thing emotionally I’ve had to do in a while.  I’m leaving a place I love for an unknown.  Usually, my moves are mandated by others – ie, when my old roommates asked me to leave in favor of their non-rent paying friend down on her luck.  (I’m not bitter, really.) But this time, it’s all me.

Oh, bye Roxy.  She just left my lap to wrestle with Sebastian.  I think she had a good enough cat nap.


Anyways – oh. Now it’s Scott’s turn.

me and Scott, being all cute.

me and Scott, being all cute.

I am so thankful to have such wonderful support from him.  This transition would be a lot harder without it.

We have a ton of things to do before it’s time to leave.  You know, changing addresses, ordering utilities, calling people, emailing people, driving fifteen hours west . . . It’s all a bit overwhelming.  We have a list of everything, and yet I still feel like there’s more.  “More than humanly possible to handle,” says Scott.

Yes, I agree.  But we will prevail – sleep or not!

Speaking of, time to pass out.


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