a new time, a new story, a new look


As many of you readers know – if you’re still out there – I’m heading off for a new adventure (teehee) in just two weeks.

“I’m moving to Missouri” is not something I thought I’d ever hear come out of my mouth.  But as the last year went on, and graduate school popped up on the horizon, I just knew – it was inevitable.

(Well, once I was admitted.  That’s a key factor.)

An old habit of mine from my journaling days – yes, on paper – was to start a new book, even if the current one was not complete, at every major turn in life.  I did this last year in my move from my old blog to this new blog, and it’s time for a change again.

This time, though, I won’t be changing location.  I really like WordPress, and I think it will fit me well even as my needs change in the future.  Instead, I’ll just be giving the blog a facelift.  I hope to get this done before I head out to Columbia, but we’ll see if I can get enough time between travel, packing, work, and more packing.

What an adventure ahead.  Let’s start clean, shall we?


One Response to “a new time, a new story, a new look”

  1. 1 Scott

    nice! but shouldnt you be packing? =P

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