ETD: 20 days and counting.


The move is coming soon.  Big changes are on the horizon.

Right now, I’m dealing with the emotional part of leaving.  Over the 4th of July weekend, I got to visit not only my family, but Scott’s family as well.  And this past weekend, I managed to make it to four parties – one thrown by yours truly – and see just about every person I know and love in the DC area.  (There are a few I missed, and hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with them before Moving Day.)  To round out the last few weeks in town, I’m off to the beach on Friday with some of my choir friends.  What a sendoff.

Last weekend, though, was rough.  Really, really rough.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time with everyone.  But underneath all that, I knew, “this could be the last time I see so-and-so.”  It’s hard to keep that outward happiness of the moment when you know it could be the last.

day177 :: year three

This is Helen's parents' house, where we held the Musical Party. Many were still inside, chatting the night away as I left. This is where our lives divide . . . for a while, at least.


3 Responses to “ETD: 20 days and counting.”

  1. 1 Daniel Laughlin

    I know all too well the kind of feelings you feel. I am in the military and at times are gone from society for as long as 15 months, i have alot of catching up to do when i return. Its hard to maintain a relationship when you are moving somewhere where you have lived for years. I just met someone who is great for me. She is very intelligent, understanding, independent and goal oriented. I hate so much to leave this life and furthermore a person whom if i stayed here would get to enjoy more of my life with. Sometimes you just dont know how good you have it until you are gone. I dread moving to colorado and its almost as bad as breaking up from a very attached relationship.

  2. 2 SteveB

    I’ve been thinking about you and your impending move and transition a lot over the last month. I recall when I went to grad school it was the biggest and hardest transition of my life to that point (and honestly probably since). But when I look back and ask myself where did I become the person I am today, it’s then.

    There’ll be plenty of ups and downs I’m sure, but I know you’ll do great!

  3. You won’t ever lose me, lady, no matter where you go. It’s all good. really. Go. Figure it all out. Come back and tell us all about it… or write a letter and we’ll come visit.

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