two months and counting.


today is June 10th.

my first class, the News Reporting and Writing “boot camp,” starts on August 10th.

sixty-one days.  two months.  what a short time until i’m officially a student again.

between now and then, here’s a rundown of some of the insanity:

  • work full time at the World Bank
  • freelance for STUDIOS (maybe two days?)
  • home to NJ for the weekend (this weekend)
  • Better Than Ezra on Tuesday
  • a few more choir rehearsals
  • sing a concert at the Kennedy Center
  • take a roadtrip up to NY to visit Scott’s family (and mine) over 4th of July
  • throw a going away party
  • attend two baby showers
  • buy a new Mac
  • try and see as many friends as possible
  • go to the beach with my choir
  • pack, pack, pack
  • move to Missouri (which is tentatively planned to take at least a few days)
  • unpack, unpack, unpack
  • audition for a choir out at Mizzou
  • and finally . . . start classes.

craziness.  sixty-one days.  :: nervous ::

(edit 7/22/09 for what’s been completed so far.)


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