just so you know . . .


i’m the latest victim of the economy.

yes, it’s true. i’ve been laid off.

actually, this is a blessing in disguise. no longer do i need to worry about the “but i have a job in a bad economy already, why would i leave it?” factor in the grad school decision. it’s full speed ahead – visiting Missouri from Saturday to Tuesday, and Ohio from Thursday – Saturday. (well, theoretically. i’ve been having a hell of a time reaching people at Ohio to set this up.) and then to make a decision. and then to get the ball rolling on actually getting myself there with a new apartment, moving, banks, loans, the whole nine yards.

now to make ends meet for the next four months. with my severance package and a week’s worth of pay, and my almost-week’s worth of vacation, i’ll be okay for the next month. after that, i’ll have about three/three and a half months to worry about. thank goodness i’ve been saving money like mad for the last few months. at the minimum, i have enough money to cover rent and necessary expenses until i head off to school. of course, that means less to live with when i get there, but hey. it’s something!

so, the plan is to focus my efforts on freelance work. first step – reading John Harrington’s book, “Best Business Practices for Photographers,” once it comes in on Friday. add in a lot of phone calls, emails and general networking, and i hope to make some headway. updating my website and business cards (and possibly this blog) will be a help too.

anyone need an assistant or second shooter for upcoming weddings and/or events? i’m a quick learner, and eager to get more experience before school!


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  1. Not getting unemployment?

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