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I love May Revels. And springtime! Advertisements

i’m the latest victim of the economy. yes, it’s true. i’ve been laid off. actually, this is a blessing in disguise. no longer do i need to worry about the “but i have a job in a bad economy already, why would i leave it?” factor in the grad school decision. it’s full speed ahead […]

[sorry, no photos yet.] i’ve now been accepted to all three schools – Missouri, Boston, and as of today via email, Ohio. i rock! also, Ohio’s offered a guaranteed assistantship for the first year, and most likely for the third of five total quarters. (that’s the max they offer.) time to get on the assistantship […]

Two of three


Now, this one I really can’t afford. Hah.

“Viva la libertad — A Friend”

yes. i just heard, via email. i’ve been accepted into University of Missouri’s School of Journalism for photojournalism. wow. now to stalk the mailbox for ohio’s decision, and researching whether or not this will work. yikes. wow. wow.

Cat nap


Roxy, while editing.