it all started with a photo on DCist


year two

my friend scott and i just had a hilarious conversation about Obama and Biden arriving in DC for the Inauguration by train.

Scott: i like when they dig up random old photos
i also really dig the story. i caught in on the wapost this morning
me: me too.
i’m exicted about it.
i love amtrak
and i want our administration to love it too.
it fits well b/c of joe
i wonder if it was his idea
Scott: “will they call this Amtrak One?”
me: hahaha
they should call it Colonial One
Scott: heh
well if it were acela…
acela one would sound pretty cool
me: oooh
Scott: regional one?
me: hahaha
local one
slow-ass one
Scott: haha
bumper sticker: we brake for terrorism
“we brake for cows.  sometimes.”
hey its not like they can continue a train when the tracks are out
well in all reality…’
“we break for norfolk southern”
me: haha, true
that’s amtraks motto tho
yea [someone] pointed out that it will screw up the people planning to arrive by rail…
man that hit me… whats the best mode of transportation to royally f— up for the day?
train, by far
affects the least amount of people
its already screwed
whats a little more?
me: and can you imagine the insanity when people who already have tickets find out obama’s on their train?
Scott: well they have a few options:
1) run another line
2) kick everybody off the train
3) hop a random train
4) dump him in a boxcar
me: hahahah
they’ll probably just close off that car for him and the press.
Scott: heh
i bet they’ll run a special train just for him & his people
Scott: probably 2 or 3 cars + engine
im sure amtrak can dig up some fancy old train
me: yeah, that would be the smartest thing to do.  but then people will complain about the ‘waste’ of running it corporate-jet-style
an old locomotive
like a Lincoln era coal one.
the environmentalists will love that.
Scott: haha
refit it with an electric engine
although there are other ways to make steam than using coal
me: true.
still.  ohh, what a photo op.
obama and biden, and their families, waving out a locomotive on their way to washington.
Scott: yup
me: someone needs an 8×10 speed graphic with flash powder, stat.
Scott: haha
Sent at 2:32 PM on Tuesday


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