thank you.


i could have written so many more words, but the one thing that kept coming to mind was “thank you.”

in the Washington Post today, they had a section in ‘opinions’ that consisted of things that people – pundits, politicians, executives, military, and even a comedy writer – thought should be Obama’s first course of action.  each writer mentioned something different, from the war in Iraq to healthcare to taxes to the economy.  there are so many important causes on this list of necessities for fixing, and it’s going to be a quite some time before each can be addressed.  to be strong to the world, we need to be strong at home first – and a long road of repair lies ahead of us.  but even still, we have hope.

and with hope, anything can happen.  with hope, there’s motivation.  and with motivation, there’s individual contribution.  and with this contribution, even as simple as remembering to turn the lights off before we leave the house, or by helping our kids with their homework, we can begin to create change.  it may be small on an individual level, but start adding up those little bits on a national level, and now we have a tidal wave of positive change.

so, thank you.

thank you for giving us hope in these tumultuous times.


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