missouri, part 1.


good morning friends!

last i left you, i was musing about getting my story approved in Missouri.  i suppose i should back up and tell the whole story.  hmm . . . where to begin.

let’s start at the first weekend, just after i posted that photo of the airplane.

my first destination was Becky’s house until Sunday night.  after all, how could i go to a workshop in her state and not see her?  (for those not in the know, Becky is my Bestest Friend in the Entire Universe™.  there was Time Before Becky, and there’s Time With Becky, but when we met and became best friends, neither of us can remember.)  she’s been living in St. Louis for a while now – since 7th grade, with a detour to Boston for college.  the last time i ventured into her new hometown was for her Bat Mitzvah, age 13.  it was time to make my way back.

our time together was pretty quiet, and full of walks with her awesome dog Uli.  i don’t know why i didn’t take a photo of her and her dog . . .  bad photographer, bad photographer!  actually . . .  did we get any photos together?  yikes, i think we may not have!  ohhhhh, the sadness.  anyways.  we also spent a bit of time with her parents, since they live down the block.  her mom drove us to a street fair that was supposed to be great . . . except that it’s a drunken debauchery street fair, and that part didn’t start until about 4pm.  it was only noon.  i did see a zombie guy wandering around, offering advice on what to do against a zombie attack.  because that’s really likely.

did i not save ANY of my photos from the weekend?  UGH.

saturday night, we tried to go to the Arch after our very nice dinner with her parents, since that was one of the main things i wanted to do.  but, because of the damn hurricane the week before, the access road to the Arch was flooded out – water up to the bottom of street signs – and we could only view from afar.

i DO have photos of the Arch, just not on the computer yet.  i’ll replace it here when i get a chance.

Becky’s dad took us on a driving tour of the city, so i could see the sights at night . . . and due to the long walks we took with the dog, i was so exhausted that i slept through half of it.  oops.

sunday morning brought us to an early morning yoga class, around the corner from her house.  there’s something so lovely about taking yoga in the morning.  kinda gets you in the right mindset for the rest of the day.  especially when you’ve got a big day ahead of you.

we said our sad goodbyes, she headed off to her usual 10am yoga class (the one we took was a shorter teacher training session, just so we could do it together) and i took my car around the block to an einstein bagels for breakfast.  transitioning from ‘visiting best friend’ time into ‘let’s head out for the workshop time’ was not easy, but perfect weather, a semi-decent bagel, and a strong cup of [decaf] coffee helped point me in the right direction.

okay, so it was two maps and my iPhone’s GPS that really got me pointed in the right direction.

and then i was off to St. James!

continued in missouri – part 2. (well, once i write it.)


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  1. 1 SteveB

    Workshop tease!

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