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“you may not remember me tomorrow, but i will remember you for a lifetime.” – me, after Sam Abell’s lecture about his new book, ‘Life of a Photograph.’ **** i know that it’s unfounded i know that it’s wrong but it’s so familiar. **** that is all. Advertisements

my family and i went to the Newseum today Saturday.  [note: those people are not my family, just strangers.] well, okay. i told my family we NEEDED to go. thankfully, it proved to be just as great as i had heard, and everyone had a lovely time. also, i got full [emotional] support from my […]

thanks, amanda!

i found this today, and plan on keeping up-to-date with the stories produced. Hard Times:  Travis Fox crosses the country to see how Americans are coping with the economic downturn. while in Missouri (more posts to come on the trip, i promise), i thought about how weird it was that hardly anyone was talking about […]

Material girl


Best. Party. Ever.

good morning friends! last i left you, i was musing about getting my story approved in Missouri.  i suppose i should back up and tell the whole story.  hmm . . . where to begin. let’s start at the first weekend, just after i posted that photo of the airplane. my first destination was Becky’s […]