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and we wait.


i wish i could take a photo of the scene here in the community center out here in St. James, Missouri (or ‘Missura’, as the locals say).  i’m sitting in a sea of folding metal chairs, chairs i’ll be spending most of the night in as well.   i should be reviewing my story idea […]

Da plane, boss!


I’m on my way to Missouri! First stop, St. Louis.

you all know i’ve been waiting for this trip to missouri for a while. now that it’s almost here, i’m finding myself at a loss.  what to wear?  what to bring?  will it rain?  will it be hot?  or cold?  will i really need the big lens?  or my laptop?  what will my story be? […]

yet here i am, at the office.  i’m waiting for 35 copies of this book for this presentation for this potential project i can’t name to print.  yes, you read that right.  t h i r t y – f i v e   c o p i e s. ugh. once i get about ten, […]

Dana Falkenberg, age 3. More to come.

yikes, again!