ISO: Getting to Gustav


three years ago, Katrina devastated the New Orleans region through shear force and lack of being prepared.

now, these battered and bruised neighborhoods are under a major threat again, from Hurricane Gustav.  as of about 2:15pm today, it’s listed as a category 3 storm, but still has a chance of increasing in strength before hitting land tomorrow.

FEMA and the Red Cross are ready this time around, with evacuations in progress for much of the areas in Gustav’s projected path.  but even with these preparations for the residents, worries still amount regarding the strength of the levees.  the Washington Post’s lead story from this morning’s paper has great coverage of the situation so far.

with Katrina, thousands of volunteers, reporters, and photographers made their way to document the story of  New Orleans’ devastation.  the resulting images moved a nation, and remain some of the most powerful works in these photographer’s portfolios.

i’m currently trying to find out how these people made it down to Louisiana – whether on their own accord or through an agency like the Red Cross.  even if the major destruction that’s expected at the moment doesn’t happen, i still feel compelled to get down to the area – either Louisiana or Texas – to lend a hand, and document the story of the storm that was or the storm that wasn’t.

if anyone reading has insight into volunteering or covering post-storm events, please contact me asap at erincarly [at] gmail [dot] com.  i can travel this weekend from the Washington, DC area and would be happy to coordinate flights or share car/hotel with others from the region heading out to help.


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